A. Kathy Moss

Every Horse Lover Should Read!
By paintedponies "Karen Dalton"on March 20, 2015
Amazing book. A must read, AKMoss is a very talented storyteller, describes in detail the blue mountain valley and Elkhorns. This story is right up there with My Friend Flika, and Black Beauty. I personally look forward to more novels!!!

By V. McMillanon February 21, 2015
I've just come back from a book signing and reading by A.K. Moss, and it brought back to me how this story is so moving. I love the way she brings the deep bonds of love out of each family member, and the community members they interact with. I can't wait for her second novel in the series!

"I'm passionate about horses and their unspoken ways."

I'm proud of my accomplishments


She loves to speak at schools, gatherings and get togethers, where people young and old enjoy stories and poetry of western living. You can feel the horse breath as she brings in the cavvy (saddle horses) or look at working hands, with new awareness of the truth they have created in ones life. 

Winning peoples choice award "Keeper of the West" in Canada. My two novels, Unspoken and Finding Home have traveled across the world with supportive reviews.


Since horses have been a passion most all of her life, She has studied them from aggression to a flick of the ear, and played with them, from draft horses to mustangs and all in between from cart ponies to cutting horses. It only made sense that she write for them.

Her technique of writing and the passion of the horse came together in her first novel Unspoken. With that and her western poetry she has performed across the US and into Canada.      

"But first and foremost my passion has always been horses. It was clear from the moment I was able to walk, horses was to be my destiny. By age two I had my first pony, Mighty Mouse, age 5 I got Motor Mouse, then graduated up to Momma. By age 10 I bought my first Mule, Fred for $15.00, it took me three hours to lead him a mile home. Mom said I had the patience of Job.  I had not met Job yet but if he could help me teach a mule to lead, I would sure have appreciated his company."

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 By Clair Kehrberg on February 27, 2015

I loved every word Truly a lovely story. It made me smile, it made me cry, I loved every word. I highly recommend reading this heartwarming tale.


A Little history

About A. K. Moss

Not your average writer, A. K. started writing poetry when in high school, just to keep the history and western stories alive, thinking one day those days might fade off into the silence of history.  Writing her first novel, Unspoken in 1996, took on the challenge of independent publishing  in 2015
Keeping busy working with troubled horses, such as Joey, a 2o year old mustang, teach people to ride and communicate with horses, assist with a dog rescue, recite poetry and stories and in my spare time ride the desert with a good friend of mine.